100 Block Give Away!

That’s right friends, I am giving away all of my recently completed 100 Blocks!

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook feeds, you’ll know that I have been participating in Gnome Angel’s 100 Days 100 Blocks challenge. This is a challenge to complete all 100 blocks in Tula Pink’s City Sampler, 100 Modern Blocks. The rules for the challenge are as follows: sew the blocks as designed in the book and post them as per the schedule set by GnomeAngel. I decided to give myself a couple more rules: 1. Use the fabric I already have (which is a lot!), and 2. There is no endgame, no plan for a quilt at the end of the challenge. My reasoning for the second rule is the fact that I tend to over-think things; in my quilting and sewing, and in other aspects of my life, too. I over-think the fabric choices, the color choices, the binding & backing. What will I do with the quilt when it’s done, should I write a pattern for it, will I have time to hand quilt or will I machine quilt? If I machine quilt, will I do it myself, will I be happy with, or who will I hire to machine quilt and what design should I pick….. There are times when I think of a quilt I want to make and go through these motions / emotions and then never even start in the first place. When I look back at the quilts I have completed, which is actually not too many, I find that the ones where I am really enjoying the moment, the sewing, the designing, just the being in my space, those are the times I am happiest with my sewing. Hence, rule #2, no end game. Now here I am at the end of the challenge and I need an endgame. Well, I could make a big scrappy quilt - but that would have to get in line behind current projects - which at this time of impending holiday craft shows - the current project list is long and demanding. I had thought of making several small projects to give as Christmas gifts, but again, my calendar is booked! A friend of mine suggested giving a few of them away. I let that idea percolate… I know some quilters and thought, maybe they would want them and sew them into one of their projects. Then, thinking some more, likely over coffee, I thought.. I know a lot of wonderfully creative people. And not just quilters and sewers, but woodworkers and painters and skillful organizers, scientists and mathematicians... and great folks who love and appreciate design and color and fun fabric. So, here is where I landed: I’m giving them all away. If you want a quilt block just tell me and it’s yours. I have a request, my own little challenge: do something with it and take a picture. You could do anything you want: sew it into a quilt, sew it onto your jacket or your pants, tape it to a wall, make a cape for your chihuahua, cut it into 20 little pieces and collage it onto paper. Get creative and share your creativity with me and the community.

So, fill out the form below, you can request a certain block - but it will be first come first serve, so maybe list a few, just in case. If you’re happy with a random block then leave that blank. I’ll open up the requests at 8:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on Monday, the 15th of October, 2018. Any emails received before that time will be left unopened (except if you gave birth to me - yes, Mom, you can request yours now :)

When you’re ready take a photo and tag it with #carriepalmerquilts on Instagram (or email it to me and I will post it). I’m really excited to send these blocks out into the world and see what comes back.



DAY 99

DAY 99

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