Carrots on wood 2.jpg

These little carrots are so fun to make.  You'll need orange & green felt (or whatever fabric you have on hand!), stuffing, needle and thread, and, for the horizontal accent lines on the body of the carrot, I used pearl cotton, you could also use embroidery floss or a thicker thread.  First cut the triangles - the large one is 8 inches by 5 inches, the small one is 7 by 3 (these numbers are adjustable - make them any size you want).  Fold in half length wise and blanket stitch from top to bottom.  These are stuffed with polyfill, but you could use wool roving, or even lentils or split peas for a heavier weight.  Stuff until half inch below the top edge.  Sew a running stitch around the top of the felt, a quarter of an inch down, then pull tight to close the top.  Do a few whip stitches to secure the thread.  I attached the greenery starting with one corner in the very centre of the top, and then kept sewing the bottom edge to the carrot in a spiral form, then push it all up to hide the center.  For the accent lines, I tied the end of the pearl cotton into a knot and started by pushing the needle straight down through the top center of the greens and then out on the side of the carrot.  Hold the thread over, horizontally, to see how you would like it placed, then push your needle in at that point and angle it down to come out lower on the carrot.  Repeat a few times until you reach the bottom and reverse and work your way back up the carrot.  When you reach the top, push the needle out through the centre of the greens and tie off the thread.

Carrot process 1.JPG
Carrot process 2.JPG
Carrot process 3.JPG
Carrot process 4.JPG

So, number one goal: kids + crafts + veggies = fun.  I think I'll try some parsnips next weekend.

Carrot process 5.jpg
Carrots on wood 2.jpg